Rattlesnake Avoidance without Shock Collars has Made its Debut in Utah

Spring and Summer 2021 was a time to develop a new normal.  We took the lessons we learned from 2020 and figured out how to apply them to our lives and grow into new realms we thought could never be possible pre-covid. 

For Training to a T, LLC, this was also the case.  For years prior to Covid, I watched each summer as multitudes of dogs and dog owners searched for ways to keep their dogs safe from rattlesnakes on their hikes.  I was one of them.  When I first adopted my husky, I researched the vaccine, talked to my vet, and did everything I could to find a way to train her to avoid them, but to my heartache, the only training I found involved putting a shock collar on, turning her over to somebody neither of us knew and letting them shock her into fearing the rattlesnakes.  There was no way I was going to subject her to that.  She had come from a bad situation and had been abused and used to breed puppies and her life with me wasn’t going to involve that, then or ever.  Back then is when a tiny seed was planted.  As a dog owner, I wanted a positive reinforcement option to train rattlesnake avoidance.

Fast forward a few years and I made the decision to learn about dog training.  I began studying the science behind it and learning how dogs learn through association.  While studying this, we talked about positive associations and we talked about negative and fear-based associations and what was the better technique to use.  I asked several trainers, attended many webinars and conference talks and researched everything I could about rattlesnake training.  They all had one thing in common: horror stories about dogs developing major behavioral issues related to the shock and experiences they had through those trainings. Some were fear of men, others were fear of sprinklers, and still others did just the opposite of what was intended-the dogs learned to attack the rattlesnakes instead of avoid them. And that just touches the surface.

Luckily, I also learned there were trainers in different areas of the country beginning to use positive reinforcement and I had to learn more.  I researched these trainers, reached out to them to ask questions, attended more conferences where they spoke, and bought their materials and courses to learn about it.  That seed that had been planted began to grow and I set my sights on bringing a positive reinforcement rattlesnake training option to Utah. 

As Covid ramped up and group and in-person classes came to a halt, I began to offer webinars on how positive reinforcement rattlesnake avoidance worked.  I was able to consult and offer virtual sessions to private clients during Summer 2020, fulfilling that wish to bring this training to Utah, and becoming the first trainer in the state to offer this option.  A 6-week virtual group class followed those private consults, and then we returned to the in-person training paradigm. 

Spring and Summer of 2021 were groundbreaking for Utah, for this course, and for dogs in our state. One of the first clients through my course said it best when she referred to the course as “trendsetting.” As the courses come to a close for 2021, more courses are on the way soon and we hope you will join us as we create a group of dog lovers and trendsetters who set a precedence for a new normal! Stay tuned!

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