Dog Training Workshops are an Affordable Dog Training Option

Many people got puppies or adopted a new dog for Christmas and are looking into training options, but need something that will fit into their budgets (can we say, after Christmas debt?).  So, what can you do to get started on affordable dog training without spending a fortune? 

Our online dog training workshops are designed with this exact scenario in mind. They are available on-demand and cover everything you need to know.  If you already have a dog and need to get started training, if you’re just researching to make sure you are prepared for a pup, or if you are getting started with your new friend, we have a workshop for you.  They are $50 for 3-months access and have a payment plan setup for $18.99 a month if you need to split it up into smaller payments for even more affordable dog training. 

Clicker Basics 101

For families who have a new pup, we recommend the Clicker Basics 101 workshop.  It covers everything you need to know about clicker/marker training: what it is, how it teaches, and how you get started. From there, it jumps into how to train five basic obedience behaviors using your clicker/marker and concludes with suggestions on how to improve clicker timing and other resources to continue training.

Preparing for your New Best Friend

If you are researching and thinking about bringing a new pup home, we recommend our Preparing for your New Best Friend workshop.  This workshop goes through researching and preparing to bring a new dog or puppy home. It gives you resources on how to choose the best breed for your family, tips on choosing adoption or ethical breeders, how to dog proof and setup your home prior to adopting your new addition, then what to expect when they are home, training tips, and more.

Getting Started on the Right Paw

Lastly, if you have already adopted your pup and need some guidance on how to get setup, the Getting Started on the Right Paw, is the one we recommend.  It covers important information to know in the first days at home, how to get setup so your pup is comfortable, safety information for you and your pup, getting started with basic training, how to fix the majority of common dog behavior issues before they start, and more!

For more information on any of these workshops, please visit our website at https://trainingtoat.com/train-treat-workshops/ and for free training content, important dog information and more, follow us on our social media channels:

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