Digital Downloads Terms and Conditions

All digital downloads are copyright protected by Training to a T, LLC. They are not available for resale, and are not available or licensed for other persons, companies, affiliates, entities, etc. to reproduce. Any violations of this are subject to penalty, up to and including, but not limited to, lawsuit, damages, retribution, etc. by Training to a T, LLC.

Unless otherwise stated, each purchase allows usage for the first two dogs only. For usage with three or more dogs, you must purchase the item again for each dog you have above the second dog. For example, if you have three dogs and want to use the Dog Training Planner for all three, you must purchase the planner twice. Likewise, if you have four dogs and want to use to Dog Training Planner for all four, you must purchase the planner three times. This applies to all downloads.

Each download allows 90 days from purchase for the buyer to download the document. There are 3 chances to download built in to accommodate for technology errors. If you have purchased the item and are within your 90-day period, but need more than 3 downloads, you must reach out to Training to a T, LLC for help. Please email train2at@gmail.com. If you are beyond your 90-day period, you must purchase the product again.

There are no refunds.

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