Preparing for Your New Dog – Mini Course

A Step-by-Step Approach in Researching and
Preparing for your New Dog or Puppy


preparing for your new dog

This course goes through researching and preparing for your new dog or puppy. We cover what you need to know before you bring your new best friend home, what to do when he/she comes home, training, and more. It gives you resources on how to choose the best breed for your family, tips on choosing adoption or ethical breeders, how to dog proof and setup your home prior to adopting your new addition, then what to expect when they are home, training tips, and more.

5 Modules and 17 Lessons full of helpful information and tips. As you proceed through the course, there are several assignments that help get your family all on the same page, setup a schedule for yourselves and your dog, and guide you along so everybody starts off on the right paw!

This course is perfect for the first time dog owner, the lifetime dog owner, the outdoors person looking for a camping or hiking buddy, etc. It is also a excellent resource for families who are trying to decide if its a good time to bring a pup home. You will meet as a family and talk about responsibilities, how to respect your new dog’s boundaries, and so much more!

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