Train & Treat Workshops

Looking for a cheaper alternative to in-person group classes or private lessons? Our Train and Treat Workshops are virtual, on-demand workshops you can proceed through at your own pace. Each workshop allows three months access for you to learn at your own pace, but can be completed in shorter amounts of time. Pricing varies. Current offerings listed below. Check back soon for other topics.

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Clicker Training 101 – The Basics

$65 (or 3-Payments of $25)
3-Months Access

This workshop covers everything you need to know about clicker/marker training. It covers what it is, how it teaches, and how you get started. From there, it jumps into how to train five basic obedience behaviors using your clicker/marker. If you have ever wondered about this type of training, this workshop is for you.

Get started on training without a big training cost. Available on-demand for 3 months after the date you register. Information can be reviewed in 1-2 days, but you should plan to take several weeks to train your dog using the instructions in this course. Take your time when putting these techniques to use. Your dog will thank you!

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Getting Started on the Right Paw

$65 (or 3-Payments of $25)
3-Months Access

This workshop is for those who have already adopted their new pup and brought him/her home. It covers important information to know in the first few days at home, how to get setup so your pup is comfortable, safety information, how to fix the majority of common dog behavior issues before they start, and more.

Whether you are a new dog owner or a seasoned veteran, there is something in this workshop for you. Full of resources, helpful information, and guidance from a training professional!

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Preparing for your New Best Friend

$65 (or 3-Payments of $25)
3-Months Access

This workshop goes through researching and preparing to bring a new dog or puppy home. It gives you resources on how to choose the best breed for your family, tips on choosing adoption or ethical breeders, how to dog proof and setup your home prior to adopting your new addition, then what to expect when they are home, training tips, and more.

It is perfect for the first time dog owner and the lifetime owner alike. It is also a great resource for families who are trying to decide if its a good time to bring a pup home. You will meet as a family and talk about responsibilities, how to respect your new dog’s boundaries, and so much more!

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A Guide to Snakes on the Trail and in the Outdoors

FREE – 3-Months Access

This workshop serves as a resource for the outdoor community. It has two payment options, one is completely free and the other is a $10 donation option for those who would like to help with the hosting costs associated with providing this information.

It covers several items listed below, busts a few common myths about snakes, and gathers publicly available information into one, easy to read through course.

This course takes about 30-minutes.

Course Covers the Following:

-General Snake Information
-Bite Information
-Vaccine Overview
-Snake ID
-Dog Training Information
-How to Avoid a Bite
-and More!

Refund Policy: After registering, refunds may be given as a courtesy in certain cases, but there is no obligation to give such refunds. In all cases where refunds are given, 25% of the total is non-refundable due to the preparation work required prior to class and to cover non-refundable fees and expenses. All lessons expire 6 months from the date of purchase. No refunds are given for missed or unused classes.

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