Non-Competition Scent Training

Scent training is a popular activity and sport, but many dog owners aren’t interested in the competition side of scent work, or they just want to experience what scent work is before deciding about the competition side. If you are interested in doing scent training with your dog, but you want a laid back, fun experience, our Non-Competition Scent Training classes are for you.

Your dog will learn fun games to search for food. This popular dog sport enables you to mentally wear out your dog, so it is ideal for active dogs, dogs with physical limitations or anyone who just wants to play a fun game with their dog. Dogs learn to systematically search boxes and other objects. The level of difficulty increases each week and it is fascinating to watch the dogs catch the scent and make a find. Dogs and parents give this class a very high rating for fun!

Group Classes

$100 for 4 classes

“Canine Fun Scent Games” is a four-week class that meets for one hour each week and is limited to 6 dogs.

This class is for dogs and dog owners who want to do scent training and play scent games with their dogs, but not on a competition level. It is a beginning course. You will keep your dog on a leash during class, but dogs will not be crated in-between runs (this is common in the competition world).

Non-Competition Fun Scent GamesNo Classes Currently Scheduled – Private Lessons Available, See below.

In-Person Private Lessons

$150 for 2 private lessons

This class is available or private lessons! If there are no group classes scheduled, or you want a one-on-one approach, sign up for our 2 lesson private package. Enroll below.

Other Classes
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