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Paw print gifts are in abundance in Tina’s Gift Shop. We have shirts, pet products, stickers, and more, including gear for your lovable tripod pup, and gender neutral options. We have the perfect gifts for you, or your family and friends.

Be the talk of the town in one of our pet shirts or proudly display your love for your furry friend by sporting a paw print sticker on your water bottle or computer. Take a look at our digital downloads section where we have a comprehensive dog training planner that allows you to keep track of your pets important information and uses a proven system to visually represent how your dog is improving in his/her training.

Whatever it is your are looking for, you’re sure to find something fun that represents the love you have for your pet! And, if not, more paw print gifts are being launched soon! Check back often, and as always, we appreciate your support for our small business!

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