Recommended Products

You asked, we listened. All products included on the site are products I have purchased with my own money and used with my own dog/s. They are ones that I use on a daily basis and recommend to my clients with each visit. More products will be added over time.

Check it out if you need a gift or just love shopping for animal-related goodies!

Note: I may earn a small referral dividend from purchases, subject to amazon affiliate regulations.

Clickers, Treat Pouch & Treats

Softer Clicker
Good for noise sensitive dogs

Regular size fit nicely into large Kongs while Mini’s fit into medium Kongs

Enrichment Products – Food Puzzles, Toys, and Interactive Activities

Fill with shreds of fabric for dogs who love to de-fluff toys.

Great for families who work all day. Includes timer that can be set for various times throughout the day to keep your dog’s boredom at bay.



Good for adult dogs that pull

Pet GPS Units

Car Safety

Snake Avoidance Course

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