Snake Avoidance Training without Shock

Positive Reinforcement Rattlesnake Avoidance

$135 for 6 weeks

Wednesday nights through mid JuneREGISTER HERE
6:30 PMVirtual
Monday nights through late JulyTentative – Registration Link Coming Soon
6:30 PMTentative
Wednesday nights through late AugustTentative – Registration Link Coming Soon
6:30 PMTentative

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This class is one of a kind and very rare!

Snake avoidance training using positive reinforcement methods is a rare find. No shock collars are needed and there’s no need to repeat the class or go back for a booster shock. In fact, this class doesn’t focus on fear or pain at all. You will learn how to train each foundational behavior in this class, so no prior training is required. From there, we will take those behaviors to the next level and out into the field.

Build trust and a deeper bond with your dog by teaching them snake avoidance training and what to do when they encounter a rattlesnake. No more shocking them to create fear. And the best part is, you and your dog will have fun learning!

Note: All classes are still being done virtually via Zoom until mid-summer. When the vaccine rolls out, we will assess a return to in-person classes. The May/June class may be part virtual/part in-person.


$135 dollars for a 6-week course (additional dog is $10). Each class will range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, with a couple being 90 minutes. We will meet once a week through Zoom until the pandemic is over and you will have plenty of support along the way.

Scent articles will be provided for the duration of the class. You will need to provide your own lifelike, yet fake, rattlesnake so you can train with it (about $30 on Amazon).

Join us as we create a community of dogs and dog lovers who use positive reinforcement for snake avoidance training!

Join us from anywhere!

One of the benefits of doing virtual classes is the ability have people from out of the area and out of the state join us! If this applies to you, you will need to provide your own snake scent (make sure you get the scent of the snake most prevalent in your area), but you are still welcome to join us! Check with your local herpetological society to see if they can help you find the scent, then contact me to get registered for one of our snake avoidance classes.

Private virtual training available

This class is also available via private training, so even after we go back to in-person classes, you can still join us from anywhere!

The benefits of snake avoidance training without shock

  • Unlike the shock collar method, using positive reinforcement methods removes both fear and pain for your dog, neither of which are necessary to learn to stay away.
  • Positive reinforcement snake avoidance training is much more forgiving. If an aversion trainer shocks at the wrong time, it can take months, years and even a lifetime to undo such a mistake. If you make a mistake with positive reinforcement, the dog just gets an extra reward. No harm done.
  • It is easier to keep fresh in your dog’s mind because it does not require you to have a shock collar or own a rattlesnake. You can teach your dog snake avoidance training dog year-round so they are always ready.
  • It teaches your dog what to do when they see, smell or hear a snake.  They will know to back away and give the snake space.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you do not have the potential fallout and risk associated with snake aversion shock training. Positive reinforcement is much safer and more humane for the dog and the snake.
  • As a bonus, the positive reinforcement snake avoidance training allows you to develop an even deeper bond and trust level with your dog—something that is eroded each and every time you use pain and aversion techniques in any training. 

Training to a T, LLC uses Confident Canines Dog Training (Las Vegas, NV), and Eileen Koval’s Rattlesnake Avoidance course as a foundation, and alters/adapts it for Utah state laws as well as the training level for each individual dog/handler team. This is the only course in Utah that meets you/your dog at your training level. We do not require prior knowledge of behaviors or attendance in any other prior classes. Everyone is welcome to join us.


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