DIY – Low Cost

Enrichment doesn’t have to cost anything! You can use items around your house, such as a cardboard box to work your dog’s brain. If you are the DIY type, you can also spend a little bit of money and make some great dog enrichment items. Never leave your dog unattended without first watching him/her to see how they will react and whether they will destroy them in a dangerous way. Some may work better than others for your dog.

Carboard Box with Paper and Kibble/Treats/Toys

For added difficulty, try adding toilet paper rolls standing up inside the box.

Muffin Tin with Tennis Balls

Hide kibble or treats under the balls for the dog/s to find.

PVC Pipe Treat Dispenser

PVC pipe is a great way to make easy DIY treat dispensers. Create a tube and drill a hole or two in the sides. Put some treats inside and let your dog roll it around for dinner.

Snuffle Mat

These are easy to make with fleece you find at a local craft store. Hide small morsels of food in the pieces of fleece for your dog to work through.

Want more ideas? Check out Pinterest!

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