From Basic Dog Obedience to Canine Good Citizen.

If you are looking to train your dog on basic dog obedience, the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program may be something you are interested in.  This program was created by the American Kennel Club in 1989 to help dog owners by teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community.1  Since then, over 1 million dogs have participated!  Instructors and evaluators have to be approved through the AKC to teach classes and administer the CGC test.

What behaviors does the CGC cover?

CGC training classes focus on teaching 10 obedience behaviors including accepting other dogs, accepting other people, sitting, lying down, staying, loose leash walking, coming when called, and other important baseline manners.  Once you and your dog have completed training, you have the choice to take the CGC test.  Upon passing, you (or rather your pup) will receive a ribbon and certificate, and you can officially become an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Your dog can even have an official title to their name through the AKC if you choose.

Who can attend?

All dogs, both purebred and mixed breed are welcome in the CGC program.  From puppies to seniors, all are invited.  The CGC is a required prerequisite for many therapy dog programs and it is a great way to start if you are interested in doing any type of dog sports, so if you have been thinking about training your pup, take it to the next level through the AKC Canine Good Citizen program! 

Join Training to a T, LLC in our Canine Good Citizen group class beginning August 26th  at 6:30 PM and meeting once a week for 6 weeks.  The first five weeks, we will focus on learning the required behaviors and on the 6th week, we’ll be holding the CGC tests for those who are interested.  Testing is not required, so if you are looking just for obedience training, there is no obligation for testing and you are still invited to register for the class.  There are limited spots available to keep classes small and to maximize one-on-one time during training.

To learn more or to register, visit Training to a T’s CGC website at https://trainingtoat.com/classes/group-training-classes/#cgc

Training to a T, LLC’s Upcoming Classes

Loose Leash Walking Workshop – August 30th – 6:30 PM – $49

Canine Good Citizen Group Class – August 26th -October 7th – 6:30 PM –$149

Private Lessons – Scheduled at your convenience – Begin at $65

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