Advent Calendars for Dogs

Advent Calendars are a thing!  We’ve all seen the unboxing videos on social media and the joy it brings to people to open something and discover what’s inside.  So, this year, I’ve compiled a list of several for your pooch!  From treats to toys and some you fill on your own, grab an Advent Calendar, and start unboxing! These are sure to be a hit with your pup this year!

Christmas Paws Advent Calendar 2022

Starting out for those pups who may be on a special diet and/or for the owners who want to vet treats and toys before your pup gets one each day, this Advent Calendar you can fill yourself. It has empty boxes you can fill with your own treats or small toys. Each drawer has a cute illustration of man’s best friend and the calendar as a whole can be used year after year. Pro tip: Get two or more and have matching calendars for the whole family because these can be used for the humans too!

24 Joyful Days Advent Calendar | 24 Unique and Tasty Treats for All Dogs

The 24 Joyful Days Advent Calendar has several freeze dried treats for your pup. From various meat treats to cheese, cookies and chews, your dog is sure to love the goodies he/she will get each day from this calendar. All natural and gluten-free!

Wüfers Dog Advent Calendar 2022

The Wufers Dog Advent Calendar is a higher priced point calendar. It has 24 cookies made with human-grade ingredients such as applesauce, honey, cinnamon, crushed peanuts, coconut and vanilla. Each cookie is hand decorated by their team and freshly baked for your best friend.

Dog Advent Calendar 24 Day Count Down to Christmas from Think Dog by Delca

Another higher priced calendar, this dog Advent Calendar has both treats and toys for Fido. It is great for the dog who is both treat and toy motivated with 8 toys and 16 treats to make up the month of December. Treats include Beef Jerky, Merry Munchie Mix, Lumps of Coal, Turkey Jerky, a Gingerbread Person, and Jingle Bars.

12 Days of Christmas Dog Advent Calendar- Treats & Toys

If you are more of a 12 Days of Christmas person, this Advent Calendar is for you. It has a combination of treats and toys in it’s little drawers. Each toy has both a crinkly component and a squeaker for your dog’s enjoyment and treats include several Christmas themed dog biscuits.

Dog Advent Calendar 2022 Christmas with 24 Advent Treats

Another all-treat calendar, this one has beef stew treats with real beef, carrots and apples and peanut butter treats with real pumpkin. Hand-decorated and ready for your pup to enjoy each night leading up to Christmas.

SmartBones Holiday Chews, Treat Your Dog to Fun Shaped Rawhide Free Chews Made with Real Chicken

The Smartbones Holiday Chews Calendar has several different treats, bones and chews and some are even in cute little candy cane shapes to bring out the festivity. This advent calendar is best for small dogs.

Bosco & Roxy’s 24 Dog Days of Christmas Advent Treat Calendar

Last, but certainly not least, Bosco & Roxy’s 24 Dog Days of Christmas Treat Calendar is festive option with 24 bakery style treats shaped like Christmas characters. From elves to snowman and Santa himself, this calendar has it all!

Advent Calendars are a fun tradition many families take part in each year. Include your dog in your fun this year, or start your own tradition with one of these. Make sure your calendar is appropriate for your dog’s diet and size. Some treats and toys may not be appropriate for all dogs.

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