5 Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog (or Giving as a Gift)

Are you considering adopting a dog or giving your child a dog for Christmas?  Or, maybe you want a companion or a hiking buddy, and it seems like a good time to bring a pup home.  Here are several things you’ll want to know before your new best friend moves in!

If you’d like a more in-depth approach with structured, step-by-step assignments walking you through preparing for a dog, before AND after he/she comes home, consider signing up for our “Preparing to Bring your Best Friend Home” workshop.  Readers of this article can receive 50% off through December 31st (Enroll for only $25 dollars). Use code 5THINGS at checkout. Visit https://trainingtoat.com/train-treat-workshops/ for more information and to register.

  1. What does your life look like now and in the future? Typically, dogs live anywhere from 7 years to 20 years and more. Consider what your life looks like now and what your plan is 5 years from now, 10 years from now?  Do you still see a place for your new addition?  

    If you are giving a pup as a gift, do you know enough about the other person to know what their life will look like in 5-10 years?  The best way to “gift” any animal is to bring that person along from the start.  Surprise puppies or dogs very seldom are a good idea.

  2. What Breed is the Best for You? Make sure you research breed characteristics and compare them to your lifestyle.  While breed is not a guarantee of behavior, you will want to know to basics so you can prepare in the best way possible.  For resources to find out what breed is the best for you or your family, check out our Train and Treat Workshop (https://trainingtoat.com/train-treat-workshops/).

  3. When should you bring a trainer into the equation? The best way to start out on the right foot when adopting a dog is to contact a trainer BEFORE the pup comes home!  We love clients who bring us into the mix prior to adopting because we can help them get setup, think about things they never would have thought about, and give many important tips on how to keep your new addition comfortable and safe while transitioning into your family. 

  4. Do you know what socializing your dog covers? Most people think of socializing as meeting new people and other dogs, but it is so much more than that, and you only have a limited amount of time.  If you adopt a puppy, once they are over 12 weeks, they start to be less accommodating to new things and by 16 weeks, the socialization period has ended.  If you adopt an older dog, how do you socialize them?  How to socialize dogs of all ages, a socialization checklist and resources to learn more are included in out preparation workshop.  Visit https://trainingtoat.com/train-treat-workshops/ for more information!

  5. Do you know how to read dog body language? Dogs use their bodies to communication and every pet owner should have a basic understanding with an urge to learn more.  The obvious ones like a growl or a snap are essential, but littler known behaviors such as yawning or sneezing don’t necessarily mean the dog is tired or has allergies.  When you learn dog body language a new world opens up to you as a dog owner.  This is the most important thing a dog owner should know and study. 

From dog body language, to basic training, how to handle common problems and preparing your home before your new pup arrives, are all covered in our “Preparing for Your Best Friend” workshop.  There are 5 Modules and 17 Lessons full of helpful information, tips, and resources for you before and after your pup comes home. As you proceed through the workshop, there are several assignments that help get your family all on the same page, and/or setup a schedule for yourselves and your dog. It’s guides everybody along, regardless of your family dynamic, so everybody starts off on the right paw!

Readers of this article can sign up for only $25 dollars through December 31st.  Use code 5THINGS at checkout. That’s a 50% saving off the regular price. It gives you three months access to proceed through at your own pace and refer back to the information as your pup gets settled into your home and family.  Or, if you prefer to hunker down and push through, the information can be read in an hour or two if you choose not to take the step-by-step, assignment approach. The workshop is easily adaptable to whatever timeframe you have available. This is a deal you cannot miss!  Join us today!

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